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Applied environmental and natural resource training. Our industry-leading and recognized practitioner certificate training courses include Erosion and Sediment Control Practitioner (ESCP™), Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects Practitioner (EMCPP™), and Environmental Field Procedures Practitioner (EFPP™).


ESCAC Registers and Recognizes Participants Completing VOI Training Group Practitioner Certificate Training Courses

VOI Training Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Erosion and Sediment Control Association of Canada (ESCAC) to register and recognize participants who have successfully completed any of VOI’s Certificate Training Courses in ESCAC’s online directory:

To have your name and Course Training Certificate listed in ESCAC’s online directory:

  • Please notify VOI Training Group and provide the following information:
    • Full name.
    • Current mailing address.
    • Current email.
    • Phone number.
    • Certificate Training Course completed.
    • Date of training.
  • VOI will notify ESCAC.
  • You must be an ESCAC member.
    • ESCAC will contact you (if you will be a new member).
    • First year membership is free.
    • Subsequent year’s membership is $75/year (basic listing).

If you have completed any of VOI’s other Certificate Training Courses prior to September 2017, they can also be registered, recognized and listed in ESCAC’s online directory. Please follow the procedure outlined above. All VOI Certificate Training Courses qualify for PDHs with ESCAC.

For your information, we have attached ESCAC’s most recent newsletter which contains information on ESCAC and the VOI Training Group – ESCAC MOU.