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Applied environmental and natural resource training. Our industry-leading training courses include Erosion and  Sediment Control and Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada Retains VOI Training Group to Deliver ESCP™ + EFPP™ Practitioner Certificate Course Package Training for Central and Arctic Region Staff

Fisheries and Oceans Canada has retained VOI Training Group to deliver ESCP™ + EFPP™ Practitioner Certificate Course Package training for Central and Arctic Region staff. In total, approximately 57 staff will participate in this training in sessions in Burlington, Edmonton, Yellowknife and Winnipeg. Practitioner Certificate Course Package sessions will commence in late June 2018 and be completed by October 2018.

Practitioner Certificate Course Packages allow participants to complete complimentary training courses in a convenient 5-day training session. VOI's Practitioner Certificate Course Packages are:

Participation in any of the Practitioner Certificate Course Packages qualifies participants to receive full industry-recognized Practitioner Certificates.

Practitioner Certificate Course Packages are only available upon request for single-client deliveries. We apologize, but we are unable to schedule general admission sessions for these course packages. 

Please contact VOI Training Group for more information on ESCP™ + EFPP™ Practitioner Certificate Course Package training or to bring this or any of our training programs to your organization or community.