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Forest Law

Course Description

There are an overwhelming number of laws that affect forest based businesses in British Columbia.   Worse yet, the forestry laws keep changing.  Using plain language, real life examples and an entertaining presentation, this two day seminar explores the basic forest legislation and related laws that cover much of the forestry, forest consulting and logging businesses with an emphasis on how new and existing enterprises can participate and protect themselves.  Attendees are encouraged to ask questions and exchange ideas and are kept involved through the use of discussion topics based on real cases.

Topics explored in this course include:

1.   Overview of the Law (an Introduction to the Canadian Legal System)

  • Historical Overview of the legal system in Canada
  • Common Law vs. Statute Law
  • The Court System
  • Alternatives to the Courts
  • The Role of Government
  • Types of Law 

2.   Legislation

  • The Forest Act
  • The Forest and Range Practices Act
  • The Fisheries Act
  • The Water Act
  • The Wildlife Act
  • The Indian Act (Indian Timber Regulation and Indian Timber Harvesting Regulation)

3.   The Other Players and Their Roles

  • The Federal Government
  • The Provincial Government
  • Municipal Governments
  • Foresters (R.P.F.s)
  • Engineers, R.P.Bios and Other Professionals
  • Contractors – Bill 13 and Others
  • The Forest Practices Board
  • First Nations
  • NGOs (non government organizations)

4.   Enforcement of the Law

  • Investigations
  • Appeals and Prosecutions
  • Effects of Contravention
  • Avoidance and Mitigation

5.   Tort Liability in Land Management

  •  Overview
  • Nuisance
  • Negligence
  • Strict Liability (Rylands v. Fletcher)
  • Trespass

6.   Structuring Deals and Business Ventures

  • Overview
  • Individual
  • Simple Partnership
  • Joint Venture
  • Limited Partnership
  • Limited Company
  • Societies
  • Relationship by Contract
  • Agency


The course combines lectures with open discussions and learning based exercises. The instructor will take the time to answer all questions.                             

Benefits of taking this course include:

  • Knowing the forest legislation and laws that regulate the forest based businesses of British Columbia.
  • Understanding the rules and restrictions related to forest tenure holders.
  • Recognizing “red flags” or potential problems as they arise.
  • Minimizing legal liability and increasing your understanding of how to protect your business.
  • Understanding the roles of the parties involved in the forestry business and how to deal with them.
  • Enjoying a pleasant two days of professional development.


This seminar is for anyone involved in, or who is considering being involved in, a forest business.  Satisfied past participants of this course and similar courses led by Mr. Robert Hunter include all levels of employees from forest companies, executives and councils from communities and First Nations as well as consultants.  Evaluations completed by these participants included comments such as:

  • “Good overview of Forest Law”
  • “The presentation and instruction was great”
  • “Time well spent!”

Course Duration

This course is 2-days. The course is classroom-based consisting of lectures, applied exercises, case studies and discussions.

Course Certificate

Course participants will receive a Forest Law Course Completion Certificate if:

  • They attend both days of the training course.

Course Prerequisites

There are no mandatory prerequisites for this course.  However, it is very helpful for attendees to have taken the one day course entitled Understanding Your Forest Tenure if they are new to forest based businesses.

Course Schedule

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This course can be combined with Understanding Your Forest Tenure and Contracts for Forest-Based Businesses. View the course schedule for Forest - Course Sets.

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Other Important Course Information

Course Materials VOI Training group Provides:

  • All participants will receive a comprehensive manual including all the presentation materials, case examples, the relevant exerts from legislation and discussion topics. 

Classroom Supplies Participants Provide:

  • Writing instruments