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Applied environmental and natural resource training. Our industry-leading and recognized practitioner certificate training courses include Erosion and Sediment Control Practitioner (ESCP™), Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects Practitioner (EMCPP™), and Environmental Field Procedures Practitioner (EFPP™).

Forest Tenure, Forest Law, Forest Contracts and Forest - Course Sets

Terrace, BC

Course Code: FT14-1101

Cost: $375

Dates: November 3, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Course Code: FL14-1101

Cost: $675

Dates: November 4-5, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Course Code: FC14-1101

Cost: $675

Dates: November 6-7, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Course Code: FTFL14-1101

Cost: $875

Dates: November 3-5, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Course Code: FLFC14-1101

Cost: $1,100

Dates: November 4-7, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Course Code: FSET14-1101

Cost: $1,325

Dates: November 3-7, 2014

Time: 0900 - 1700 (Daily)

Courses Venue: TBA

Course Materials VOI Environmental Training Provides:

All participants will receive a comprehensive manual including all the presentation materials, case examples, the relevant exerts from legislation and discussion topics. 

Classroom Supplies Participants Provide:

  • Writing instruments.