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Applied environmental and natural resource training. Our industry-leading and recognized practitioner certificate training courses include Erosion and Sediment Control Practitioner (ESCP™), Environmental Monitoring for Construction Projects Practitioner (EMCPP™), and Environmental Field Procedures Practitioner (EFPP™).

Environmental Technician Core Field Skills Certificate

Environmental technicians with proven field skills are in-demand. The 1-week Environmental Technician Core Field Skills Certificate gives participants the opportunity to learn and apply skills and procedures commonly used by environmental technicians. 

Course Description

The Environmental Technician Core Field Skills (ETCFS) Certificate is a 5-day applied, field-skills training program designed to give program participants the opportunity to learn and apply relevant and current environmental skills and procedures used extensively by environmental technicians and professionals. This skills training, to the greatest degree possible, is delivered in a field setting allowing for a unique and comprehensive "hands-on" training opportunity.

ETCFS consists of approximately 15 field skills and procedures.  The ETCFS has been designed to ensure that new and learned skills are taught and reinforced every day.

Environmental technician field skills and procedures in the ETCFS Certificate include:

  • Professional conduct.
  • Effective field observation, measuring and recording.
  • Measurement equipment and measurement systems.
  • Map reading and interpretation.
  • Geo-referencing systems.
  • Equipment maintenance and calibration.
  • Compass and compass navigation.
  • Global Positioning Systems (GPS).
  • Slope gradient measurement and measurement tools.
  • Photo-monitoring.
  • Water quality monitoring and water quality monitoring program development.
  • Stream measurements.
  • Plant identification.
  • Vegetation inventory methods.
  • Forestry measurements and inventory methods.
  • Fish habitat measurements.
  • Fish habitat assessment techniques.
  • Fisheries inventory.
  • Wildlife inventory.
  • Electrofishing certification.
  • In-water construction techniques.
  • Erosion and sediment control.
  • Construction project environmental monitoring.
  • Field safety.
  • Field program logistics.

Looking to improve your qualifications and impress employers and clients?

  • Many environmental and engineering consultants, industry stakeholders and First Nations bands and organizations are actively seeking environmental technicians with broad-based and relevant environmental skills and procedures training. Completion of the ETFS Certificate Program will greatly enhance your expertise, credibility and marketability.

  • If you are looking for a career booster or want to improve your employability, the ETFS Certificate Program is a qualification that employers are looking for. Stand out from the crowd! 


This ETFS Certificate Program is applicable to a broad audience, regardless of previous education, training and experience. It is an ideal training opportunity for those wishing to expand or update their existing skills and expertise.

  • First Nations stakeholders including technicians and technologist, guardians and resource workers.
  • Recent graduates from college and university environmental and science-based programs.
  • Environmental and engineering technologists and technicians.
  • Industry stakeholders.
  • Natural resources industry workers.
  • Equipment operators and labourers.

Course Duration and Format

The ETFS Certificate Program is a five-week training program (25 total days).

  • Total minimum training hours for the ETFS is 175 hours.

Daily format will:

  • Consist of skills and procedures theory followed by in-field application of the skills and procedures. 
  • Be a minimum 7 hr session.
    • Travel to and from field sites may require longer daily sessions. 
    • Successful skills training and application may also require longer daily sessions.

Course Certificate

Course participants will receive an industry-recognized Environmental Technician Field Skills Certificate upon successful completion of the training program.

Course Prerequisites


Course Schedule

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Other Important Course Information

Course Materials VOI Training Provides:

  • All participants will receive a comprehensive ETFS manual that describes the skills and procedures covered in the program.

  • Specialized field equipment not provided by participants or participants sponsor (see below).

Program Supplies Participants or Participant Sponsors Provide:

  • Field book and waterproof field book paper
  • Ruled 8.5" x 11" notebook
  • Transparent ruler scaled in cm
  • Writing instruments - pens and 2H pencils
  • Calculator - TI30 or equivalent
  • 5 m retractable steel measuring tape (metric, please)
  • Non-breathable chest waders
  • Wading belt
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Brimmed hat
  • Field vest
  • Suitable clothing for physical activity (many of the field activities can be strenuous)
  • Firm-soled boots
  • Raingear
  • Work gloves